SMS Maintenance is recognised as Irelands leading maintenance service provider for smoke and heat ventilation systems of all kinds. Fully operational smoke ventilation systems are critical to ensure protection against loss of life and building damage in the vent of fire in addition to ensuring regulatory & insurance compliance.
In SMS Maintenance our aim is simple, to provide expert, on time, professional and competitive maintenance services to ensure peace of mind for our customers.
We achieve this through advanced scheduling of maintenance visits to minimise disruption. It means provision of necessary health & safety documentation before works commence. It means prompt, detailed compliance documentation and service reports are issued to our customers. With a countrywide service coverage, SMS Maintenance provide responsive planned service visits for statutory maintenance requirements as well as comprehensive 24/7 round the clock reactive and emergency cover.

Why Maintain Smoke Vent Systems

Smoke & Heat Ventilation systems are designed to ensure protection to building occupants and the building asset itself. They are designed to protect the means of escape for people in fire situation providing a clear path to exit with breathable air and to strategically redirect smoke in a fire situation.
Smoke & Heat ventilation systems are critical life safety systems and there are numerous legal and statutory requirements for building owners and occupiers to regularly maintain these systems.

Why maintain?
  • Protect against loss of life
  • Protect building assets from smoke & fire related damage
  • Ensure statutory & legal compliance
  • Ensure insurance compliance

Why choose SMS Maintenance?

Smoke ventilation systems are crucial tools in preventing loss of life and limiting building damage in cases of fire outbreak.
Relevant stakeholders whether building owners, occupiers or Facilities & Property Managers need to know that their smoke ventilation systems work in the event of a fire. Through regular planned maintenance visits by SMS Maintenance our customers will know they have operational, compliant smoke ventilation systems and the peace of mind of professional service delivered by industry experts and backed up by building specific service reports & certificates.
  • Irelands only dedicated smoke ventilation maintenance provider
  • Nationwide coverage across island of Ireland
  • 24 hour emergency service year round
  • Peace of mind of scheduled PPM’s so you don’t forget
  • Prompt, comprehensive service reporting & certification
  • Regulatory compliance and certification
  • Maintenance of all makes and types of smoke ventilation equipment
  • Remedial works, repair & upgrade of all system types
  • Comprehensive spare parts stock

Systems maintained by SMS Maintenance

SMS Maintenance provides industry leading, expert planned preventative & reactive maintenance services on all smoke ventilation systems such as:
  • Natural Smoke Ventilators / Automatic Opening Vents (AOV’s)
  • Stairwell AOV’s & Controls
  • Electric & Pneumatic smoke ventilation controls
  • Automatic Smoke & Fire Curtains
  • Natural & mechanical smoke shaft systems
  • Mechanical smoke extract systems
  • Carpark ventilation systems
  • Automatic window actuators & control systems
  • Control panel maintenance
  • Smoke & fire damper systems

Buildings types covered

SMS Maintenance provides smoke ventilation services to clients across a wide spectrum of industries. From retail clients with multiple locations nationwide, large shopping centres to apartment complexes our engineers provide service excellence no matter the location or building type.
  • Shopping Centres & Retail
  • Apartments buildings
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Industrial units
  • Manufacturing & production facilities
  • Education Campus & School buildings
  • Airports, Libraries and government buildings