Fires do occur. Every year Ireland suffers over 35,000 recorded fires in buildings (95 per day). Therefore the choice of building materials, the layout of escape routes, the number of exits and the provision of fire safety measures such as smoke control, are all key building design considerations.

In the event of a fire, toxic smoke rises to the underside of the roof space and gradually builds down in layers, leading to smoke logging. The objective of smoke ventilation systems is to protect the building and contents, whilst at the same time assisting people working in the building to escape and also aid safer firefighting. Other benefits are a reduction in high-level temperatures and restriction in the spread of smoke.

A well designed smoke ventilation system is a combination of a company's experience and products. At SMS we have over sixty years of combined experience. Our partnership with Roda and WindowMaster Ltd ensure we provide the latest and premium quality products.

Requirements for smoke ventilation are outlined in the Irish Building Regulations TGD-B 2006. SMS utilise the current codes of practice BS9999 & design guidance legislation BRE368, BS7346 & BS 7974 to name a few.

A control system forms an integral part of any smoke ventilation system. Whether it is designed to operate for detectors in building applications, CO fumes in car parks, or for excessive CO2 in classroom applications, SMS can manufacture bespoke control panels to suit any application.

Smoke Control plays an important part in protecting a building, its occupants and its contents and must operate in the event of smoke/fire detection. It is critical that the smoke ventilation equipment operate instantly and effectively. 

What can SMS offer?

Due to highly qualified staff the SMS team are extremely flexible and can offer services which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements such as: Out of hours PPM; 24-7/365 maintenance approach; 24 hour manned phones; emergency call outs; repair/refurbishment of parts if necessary.

Our Service Engineers have many years of experience. Our policy where possible is to assign the same Engineer for every visit. This ensures continuity of service and knowledge of the site and equipment.


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